Conference Call Services - Easy, Affordable and Plentiful

The world is moving at a fast pace and so is business. Geographic boundaries are not boundaries anymore and people sitting in China can make deals with people sitting in the US. It is the technology of conference calling that makes the world a small place to connect. It is a problem though, to choose the best conference call service amongst so many available and when you are looking at a long term association. This article discusses some pointers to keep in mind while choosing the same.

Time Attendance

It is a professional world and time is of great essence. Hence, make sure the service you choose provides an automatic Time and Attendance tracking system in the call. This includes details of the time every person logged on and the number of attendees with their names. This ensures clarity in understanding the call well, being able to decide in case the call can go on or not in case of lack of quorum, and also in addressing each individual logged on to the call. This happens through a web based real time system and hence is accurate.

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Volume Control

The next issue people encounter when on a conference call is that when they log on to a call the call quality is perfect till only 3-4 callers are logged in. But the moment more people start logging in, and the moment someone with a bad line quality logs in, the call quality in all drops and nobody can hear what the others are saying. There are conference call services that offer features where the volume of the whole call, a single caller or the person whose line has a problem can be identified. There is an icon that indicates the speaker every time someone is speaking and hence you can know the reason. Choosing a service with these features can help for conference calls with many people.

Host Leaving

Always choose a service that provides the host to leave the call without the call being disconnected. This service is called conference call continuation service and is of great importance during multiple conferences.

It All Boils Down to Money

Charges are the next important thing to consider when choosing. There are services that offer a high price and are valid only for at the most 50 callers and there are services that allow you to add as many as 500 callers and are still cheaper. Hence, you need to choose wisely as per your requirements.

Make sure you compare all the conference call services thoroughly looking at each feature like the time and attendance tracking, the charges, the feature to change volume, host leaving the call and any other requirement you might have. Out of these, time and attendance would be the most important to compare when working for a corporate organization.